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Raise funds, create visibility for Marin County Free Library’s work, and ensure it continues to grow as an innovative and equitable library system.


Support the Marin County Free Library with financial resources directed to support dynamic facilities, leadership development, and technology that serves the people of Marin County.


  • Spearhead capital campaigns to help meet the long-term needs of the Marin County Free Library system

  • Encourage local community initiatives in support of the libraries, equity, and inclusion

  • Promote recognition and support of the Marin County Free Library system as a vital community resource

The Marin County Library Foundation (MCLF) provides continued support of operating needs by funding:

  • 3rd Grade Literacy and Educational Equity

  • Marin City-Sausalito School District Libraries (formerly Bayside Martin Luther King Jr. and Willow Creek)

  • Anne T. Kent California Room

  • Conscious Kids Book Kits

  • Little Learners Kits

  • Marin County Poet Laureate Program

Libraries, as a critical component for quality of life, need your help to achieve their goals!

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