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The Library Foundation supports the ongoing efforts of the Marin County Free Library to advance educational equity, promote literacy, and increase diversity of representation.

Educational Equity

In Marin County, thousands of children still face barriers to early childhood education, literacy development, and high school graduation on the basis of race and income. The Library’s education equity initiatives aim to close these gaps and expand opportunities for low-income students and students of color.


Working closely with students, families, school districts and community partners, the Library designs inclusive, culturally responsive, multilingual programs with a focus on: increasing kindergarten readiness and third grade literacy; promoting science, technology, reading, engineering, art, and mathematics (S.T.R.E.A.M.) education and college-career readiness; and engaging students parents, and caregivers in opportunities for self-development.

Students Building Windmill

Summer Learning and Book Giveaways

Every year, the Foundation contributes funds for the Library’s Summer Learning programs and book giveaways, in support of increasing access to learning, promoting literacy and improving educational equity.

Increasing Diversity in Library Collections

The Foundation supports the Marin County Free Library’s purchase of books and materials to achieve increased diversity in their overall collection.


Not only are demographics in the county changing, the Library has also acknowledged a need for increased representation to enable learning and understanding for all. In recent years, public demand for materials from a diversity of authors as well as racial equity has surged.


The Library is continuing to increase the cultural diversity across the full physical and digital materials collections for all ages, with greater representation across race/ethnicity, religion, physical ability, age, and LGBTQIA+.

Conscious Kids kits
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