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Corte Madera Library

The Foundation contributed to the remodel of the Corte Madera Library with an individualized fundraising program. Funds were used to address significant issues, improve energy efficiency and create an open and inviting community space.

The Corte Madera Library, the second busiest library in our system was built in 1969. This building is a well-loved community anchor in a park like setting and has aesthetically pleasing elements. However it had significant structural and functionality issues. 


A professional assessment found nearly every aspect of the building to be inadequate. This included windows, roof, heating/air conditioning, seismic, electrical, restrooms, ADA accessibility, foundation and walls. 
The building needed to be substantially remodelled.


In October of 2016 the Corte Madera Library was the recipient of a generous bequest from the Zimmer family. This generous gift was an excellent start to address the Corte Madera building needs. The Library Foundation added to this gift with an individualized fundraising program.


The Children’s room was brought into ADA compliance. New shelving was seismically braced, floor coverings were replaced and furnishings were upgraded. The room now has an improved flow with a new story time nook.


The leaking clerestory windows throughout the library were all replaced with tinted energy efficient windows. The new windows flood the library with light and create an open and inviting environment. In the main library, all shelving was seismically retrofitted, floor coverings were replaced and new furnishings added. Electrical and plumbing was brought up to code along with ADA compliance improvements.


The final result is an inviting, open, light-filled space.

Corte Madera Library Children's Room
Corte Madera Library storytelling area
Corte Madera Library seating
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