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The Marin County Library Foundation works together with community partners to support equity initiatives, such as:

  • FastForward Annual Equity and Diversity Grant: sponsoring the Fastforward Youth-led Magazine Equity and Diversity Series including student skills-building workshops, opinion writing, and interviews with diversity and inclusion leaders.

  • Community Literacy: supporting literacy through book giveaways at the Marin County Fair and Library branches, and through special initiatives. 

  • Cultural Events & Celebratory Months: sponsoring special events and programs to create awareness and appreciation of Black history.

  • MarinCity80: supported MarinCity80 as a Community Sponsor, honoring Marin City’s shipbuilding roots during World War II to its historical buildings and diverse population.

  • Action for Equity Celebration and Conversation: hosting an annual event celebrating and honoring community youth and adult leaders who champion access to libraries, technology, and community voice.

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